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The Green Register is the online source for all things ‘green.’  Over the past few months we have been looking into everything from the political realm to the products and building supplies for new homes for the environmentally conscious, as well as the newest solar power and vast building projects that are going on all across America.  The Green Register has been the source bringing these particular areas to the public eye, and as we start 2012 off trying our best to focus on diminishing the carbon footprint we are leaving behind for the next generation to try and fix, The Green Register continues to offer all readers the most up-to-date information, data and tips on everything ‘green.’


There are many who wonder if the more ‘well-off’ sector of the world is looking at being environmentally conscious as well.  After all, they seem to have the largest cars spewing the most exhaust and fumes into the air.  And many of us most likely think of them as throwing anything away as long as someone else picks up after them.  But it turns out that luxury is also heading in the ‘green direction,’ and this week we are going to be speaking about two very different industries – but two that preach elegance, beauty and luxury as their main selling points.  These two majestic ‘high-class’ companies are leading the way toward the ‘green’ movement for all pocketbooks.


The first one we have to bring to the forefront is Volkswagen.  Now…they may not be ‘green’ but their ‘blue’ is just as strong, and they are making sure that the products they offer are still the best, while  offering serious benefits to the environment.  The people at Volkswagen have set their sights on developing vehicles that are smarter, more fuel efficient and actually pave the way for a sustainable future.  Their philosophy – which is getting more and more famous as it gets more and more air-time – is called “Think Blue.”  According to VW, the new “Blue” code truly embodies their goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions.  They are absolutely offering a solid commitment to the planet with their new products, and are requesting that their buyers support them by being more responsible on the road, and more environmentally aware of how all of us as a people behave – in the car and everywhere else.


Blue-Motion Technologies is evident in the sheer luxury of the new VW Passat, which offers all the elegance a client would expect but also allows each and every owner to experience an efficient, eco-friendly approach to mobility.  “Blue Motion” is a term that refers to a set of technologies that drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the car and enhances fuel-efficiency, all the while maintaining the fun of driving a VW.

For all of you “gear-heads” out there, the manual and DSG transmissions on the Passat are optimized for longer ratios, early up-shifts and delayed downshifts for increased energy efficiency. In addition, the auto start-stop allows for the fact that when drivers need to stop at a red light or in a traffic jam, the new Passat’s engine is automatically turned off when you take your foot off the clutch.  (And in case of the DSG transmission, when you take your foot off the accelerator.)  Then, when you depress the clutch again, (or the accelerator in the DSG), the engine restarts automatically – saving precious fuel each and every time.

In addition to the other features, every time the car brakes, kinetic energy is converted into electricity and stored in the battery.  Which means, just the act of braking recharges the battery.  They have also added the gear shift indicator, which is a feature on the new Passat that prevents energy loss while shifting gears.  It does this by recommending the optimum time for you to shift a gear, with the result being more satisfying fuel efficiency.


But the Passat is not all.  Recently “Think Blue” Volkswagen announced two new members of their eco-friendly family at the Detroit Auto Show:  The Jetta Hybrid and the E-Bugster concept car.  Both are big on performance and light on making a carbon footprint, once again showing Volkswagen’s initiative to create environmentally friendly solutions, encouraging eco-conscious behavior and contributing to a sustainable future.

The Jetta Hybrid retains the style and luxury but also brings a brand new item to the table.  This is the world’s first hybrid to use a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.  It still drives as a full EV up to forty-four mph, but when you’re ready to rev it up, the Jetta Hybrid will go from 0-60 in less than 9.0 seconds.
The E-Bugster concept vehicle is a truly unique creation.  The E is for “electric,” and ‘Bugster’ is a combination of “Bug” and “speedster” – a perfect name for the open-top two-seater with shallow windows and cut-down windshield.  But unlike other speedsters, the E-Bugster boasts a lithium-ion battery that enables the car to drive more than 100 emission-free miles at a time.


This is just one company that speaks luxury and elegance to the ‘nines’ and has been the ‘best of the best’ in drivers’ eyes for a good, long time.  However, there is also another ‘market’ that is taking their luxury into the ‘green’ zone, and that is the place that is, quite literally, Paradise on earth.
Just this week we began our journey into the absolutely stunning, King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort located on St. Simon‘s Island.  The article was filled with luxury and opulence – a vacation that has been rated as number one by absolutely everyone who has ever had the pleasure of going there.  But this resort has not only been the most inviting place in the United States dating back to935 when they began as a seaside dance club, they are also an amazing company that believes in decreasing our carbon footprint and putting their best foot forward, hoping to lead the way for all resorts, clubs, and vacation spots to ‘go green’ and help the environment.


Basking in history, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, has been the one and only vacation destination for over a century.  Here, a day at the beach, on the water, or sight-seeing can be had.  The Villas are elegance to the extreme, the ocean views are as if you are living in Heaven, itself, and yet this is one ‘perfect’ place that focuses on the environment.


The Historic Hotels of America is a program from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Trust has a sustainability initiative which focuses on the importance of reusing existing buildings.  The King and Prince is a huge part of this initiative, while also having their own “Going Green” programs to further their amazing efforts.


Here is just a few things the resort has done to stand by their ‘green’ campaign:


  • Recycling of cardboard and paper in all staff areas;
  • Recycling of batteries;
  • Recycling of ink cartridges;
  • Eco-friendly disposal of fluorescent light bulbs;
  • Cloth hand towels provided in public restrooms to reduce paper waste;
  • Donation of discarded linens to local charities;
  • Donation of outdated historical print materials to local schools;
  • Usage of eco-friendly cleaning products for the vast majority of our general cleaning needs;
  • Implementation of towel and linen re-use program in our guest rooms;
  • Implementation of micro fiber cleaning system
  • In-room recycling equipped with bio-degradable, eco-friendly bags;
  • Membership in the Clean the World Program;
  • Utilization of low-flow shower heads and toilets;
  • Recycling options for both plastic and aluminum in-room and throughout the hotel, among others.


The Clean the World Program recycles and distributes soap to children around the world suffering from diseases that could be prevented by hand washing. It also eliminates unnecessary waste filling up our land fills.  From May-July of this year, The King and Prince donated over 270 pounds of soap, which is equal to 2884 bars of soap, providing enough for 289 children for one month.  Yet another business that is all about luxury and beauty, doing their part to better the world and help the people around them.


These are just two of the businesses that are leaders in their industries – showing everyone else the need to better our communities and take care to diminish our own carbon footprint.  Volkswagen’s “Think Blue” and The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort receive top honors for making their industries better each and every day.  Having companies like these, and The Green Register, make our world a much better place to live in, and offers the opportunity for the next generation to live much longer, fuller, healthier lives!


Until Next Time, Everybody!


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