Power Up Energy Expo Returning to Florida

Power Up Energy Expo is coming back to Pensacola Beach, Florida, March 19–21, 2012.

Hosted by Gulf Coast Energy Network, this largest annual international conference along the Gulf Coast welcomes vendors from all corners of the globe. In its fourth year, Power Up Energy Expo provides an unmatched opportunity to connect with other energy industry experts, influential business leaders, policy makers, conservationists, and green building enthusiast, as they share innovative techniques to address energy and sustainability issues.

Power Up Energy Expo has enjoyed three years of promoting economic development and energy independence and advancing the green building movement. 2011 Power Up Energy Expo was a huge success with 50 vendors and hundreds of industry professionals representing every sector of the energy industry. With more technical sessions and major sponsors and organizations on board, we are expecting 2012 Power Up Energy Expo to be even bigger and better.

Having an Exhibit booth at 2012 Power Up Energy Expo is an excellent way to showcase your organization and establish contacts with your industry peers. Our program schedule is designed will ample breaks to offer plenty of interaction with the attendees. In addition, we will also have a day when the vendor hall exhibit is open to the general public at no charge. This event presents great exposure and a fantastic return for your investment. This is a powerful way to communicate your message to our attendees.

By aligning energy industry experts, influential business leaders, policy makers, manufacturers, academics, economist, and green building enthusiast, Power Up helps share innovative techniques to ensure technological lead in energy, transportation, and advanced manufacturing sectors. The conference is also proposed to accomplish the establishment of new partnerships and networks among professionals and the advancement of business opportunities in the exciting world of emerging energy technologies.

Only Few Booths Available! Sign up as a Sponsor or an Exhibitor Today! and (850)855-9850



  • Conference Delegate Pass to All Technical Workshops on March 19 & 20.
  • Welcome Address, Opening, and Closing Remarks
  • All Networking Events
  • Breakfast and lunch (March 19 & 20)
  • Welcome Reception, Poolside at the Hilton (Sunday afternoon, March 18)
  • Admission to the Power Up Expo Hall
  • Poster Session

Military Day, co-hosted by Gulf Coast Energy Network and Gulf Power, is being held Wednesday, March 21. This special event is only open to Military installation personnel (valid CAC card required), Power Up Sponsors, and GCEN members.

Not a GCEN Member?

Visit  to Register and (850)855-9850

Who will be at 2012 Power Up Energy Expo?

* Energy Managers

* Engineers

* Facility Managers

* Energy Raters

* Environmental Consultants

* Policy Experts

* Green Power Advocates

* Ecologists

* Attorneys

* Accountants

* Venture Capitalists

* Project Developers

* Elected Officials

* Local/State/Federal Government

* Architects

* Real Estate Agents

* Academia

* Product Manufacturers

* Land Use Planners

* Property Managers

* Builders and Developers

* Home and Business Owners

* Students in Related Disciplines

Contact Anna Covington for Additional Information: and (850)855-9850


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