2017 Will Be Green!

This statement is not a “hopeful” imagination talking; it is actually quite true.

LeBron James x Three

    There have been articles upon articles out there, readers, regarding the basketball superstars. Of course, when the championships are upon you everything from the latest ACL tear to dissecting the mystery of who can rise to the challenge and win it all, to the scuffles held in the stands where fan goes against […]

I’ll Have Another Actually Won With a Mediocre Time of 2:01

  The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont is the combination that all owners, trainers and even horses want to win! You have to travel back quite a long time – to 1978, in fact – to meet up with a Triple Crown winner, but this year there is talk that history is finally about to […]

Give Russ Smith the Ball So Fans Can Have Some Fun!

The Big Easy WILL Be Only Fun if it Becomes Russ-dic-u-lous!   Well…the Final Four is entertainment, but definitely not a shocker when it comes to the NCAA.  In fact, viewers and fans are simply going to watch the cream of the crop royalty of the NCAA go head-to-head.  There are no underdogs, there will […]

The Bruins Have a Hard Road Ahead

The Bruins Have a Hard Road Ahead   When it comes to the NHL, the Bruins are on everyone’s ‘hot sheet’ at the moment. Battling for over an hour on Saturday, the Bruins finally won an extremely hard-earned victory over the seemingly unbeatable Nashville Predators. But the Bruins are certainly not complaining. In fact, they’ve […]

A Look at NASCAR’s Villain?

A Look at NASCAR’s Villain?   Believe it or not, a list has hit the internet regarding the most ’disliked’ people in sports.  Seems when it comes to the world of racing, Kurt Busch arrives on the list in the number ten spot. Of course, when you look back, Busch does have several strikes against […]

Why Social Media Does Not Work for Your Business

First and foremost, I want you to notice that the title of this article is not: “Why Social Media Won’t Work for Your Business.”   Social Media will work for any business that wishes to stand out in the marketplace. A business that spends the time coming up with a viable strategy, goals based on […]