Architecture in America That Would Make Frank Lloyd Wright Proud

There is a brand new headline when it comes to an innovative new building; a building that the creator hopes to construct in America. It is a design that looks stunning on paper, however, it is also a design that is ‘far right’ of, well…even Wright’s own ideas.

Mobile Phone Forecast: Is Saturation of the Market in Sight?

It is a fact that when people say no matter where they look – whether it be while walking down a neighborhood sidewalk,

Saturday’s Glee

I Am ‘Friday Free,’ Relishing Saturday’s Glee to Enjoy Sunday’s Fun! Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching An omnipotent mediation watch the sunrise in your third eye to start your day. Sunrise Meditation  via @St_Aug_News I am ‘Friday Free,’ relishing Saturday’s glee to enjoy Sunday’s fun in the tropical sun, while surfing the Banzai Pipeline on […]

Mountain Bold

I Am Pristine In My Inner Scene Revealing My Mountain Bold Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching A dynamic way to begin your day, 10,000,000 Dollar Meditation  3 Minute overview Ten Million Dollar Meditation I am pristine in my inner scene illuminates my mountain bold gutsiness reveals my pornosu appealing I told you so glow […]