Auto Sales Have Not Soared As First Predicted

When 2017 first began, it was stated by financial and industry “experts” that the auto realm would continue to have yet another amazing year. 2016 was a thrill ride when it came to auto sales, yet now that sales figures have been released, there are many people surprised that figures are far less than first expected. The only one fact that has remained is that everyone – from sea to shining sea – still seems to love cars. They all want the ‘best of the best’ sitting in their own driveways, even if they have no shot at actually paying for them.

Fed Chair Yellen Takes Interest Rate Talk to Congress

  Fed Chair Yellen Takes Interest Rate Talk to Congress By Burt Carey   Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen goes before Congress later this week to present the semi-annual Monetary Policy Report. Given her comments to the City Club of Cleveland last week, her message to lawmakers will be clear: Expect the Fed to raise […]

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