Canoe & Kayaking Safety: Pick up the Paddle & Enjoy!


Canoe & Kayaking Safety: Pick up the Paddle & Enjoy!


Ahhh…the water. Whether it be serene or turbulent, activities that take place on the water bring about relaxation and a whole lot of excitement and fun.

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However, where some water activities go a bit overboard and have a whole lot of safety tips to learn before doing them – like whitewater rafting – when it comes to the world of canoeing and kayaking, you are talking about truly user-friendly activities. These are two things to do on the water, and two very safe transports to be in that bring about calm and peace. But you should also remember that to have peace of mind, you need to have a safety-conscious attitude when it comes to the right way of doing things and the wrong way. In other words, learn water safety and you will never have to worry about anything going wrong.


When it comes to tips and rules, the biggest one (I believe) everyone already knows about is one that not all adhere to. As it is with driving a car, there should be no drinking when paddling! If you are on vacation and wanting to have a lot of fun with family and friends, the drinking has to wait until heading back to the campsite for the evening.


It is also a good idea to take an on-water course that are available in every state. Sometimes it is a course about safety, other times it is about developing your skill on the water. These courses provide you with all the data you need for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and paddle-boarding safety and rescue.


The second thing to remember is that you always need to wear that lifejacket. No, this is not just for those going down the thunderous waves and over the falls like in the movies; even the calm, peaceful kayak and canoe paddler need those lifejackets. Chances are you will capsize at one point or another and have to swim occasionally while participating in this particular sport. Therefore, being comfortable comes in second to saving your own life.


The third tip to talk about comes from cold water safety. Along the lines of comfort yet again, it is extremely important to understand the hazards and dangers that come with cold water. You must dress appropriately for the outdoor conditions. Cold water leads to hypothermia quite quickly, so if you’re choosing to paddle in cold water, keep to calm conditions, wear warm clothes over that lifejacket, and paddle close to the shoreline. It is also a great decision to not ever paddle alone.


It is best to have two or more sets of eyes out there as you choose to paddle in a location that is the right one that best matches your skill level. If you are a newbie on the water, make sure you choose to paddle in areas that are protected from wind and waves, have a great access point for launching and landing the canoe or kayak, and have a minimal amount of motorized boats zooming in the area.


This is one sport that is a whole lot of fun. Not only does it offer you better physical health because of the exercise elements, but sitting in that canoe or paddling in that kayak allows the mind to rest and take a break from the real world while you enjoy the stunning, majestic scenery Mother Nature always provides. Just be sure to stay safe, make good choices, and never think you are more powerful than the water you’re sailing on. Because, just between you and me, Mother Nature has the power and you have to respect her!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle


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