Go Coastal and Get Hooked!


Go Coastal and Get Hooked!
By Amy Lignor

Trends arise in every industry. When it comes to the niche of jewelry, however, 2018 has seen a huge rise in the popularity and sales in the nautical category. For ladies who wish to add something to that perfect outfit – from tanning on the beach to elegant evenings out – jewelry that focuses on the concept of water creatures, nautical/naval items, and fantastical marine life is the choice they’re making.


But it doesn’t stop there. For men, from the first time they went fishing with Dad to the excitement felt when their first “trophy” fish was caught, the nautical jewelry captures those days and keeps those wonderful memories alive.

Gone Coastal Jewelry has been one of the popular places to go when searching for jewelry of this nature. Their concepts are unique, they bring a whole new passion to “Living the Salt Life,” and they offer great gift ideas for the up-and-coming holiday season.

Just by going to www.gonecoastaljewelry.com people can explore the infinite designs and stunning collections created in gold, sterling silver, and the beauty of all-natural stones. Catering to those who love spending time on the water, their large selection includes everything from pendants to bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. Designs range from anchors to sand dollars; sharks to seahorses and the high quality of all is guaranteed. If looking for something “special,” signature pieces are also available that are perfect as a gift for you or someone you love.

With many categories to choose from, it’s impossible to praise them all. But to give you just a peek… For men, the sterling silver and multi-color enamel Tailing Redfish pendant is an absolute stunner and created upon request. In addition, the sterling silver Shackle Mariner’s Link bracelet (66.8-gram weights approximate) is one that can be passed down to the next nautical lover in the family.

For the women looking for true eye-catchers, they can view a vast amount of jewels including, the Blue Topaz/Chalcedony/Pearl earrings which combine the bluest topaz, blue chalcedony, and mother of pearl drops on sterling silver French wires. They will also love the sterling silver and multi-color enamel Curled Tail Mermaid earrings, as well as the sterling silver polished Turtle Anklet.

Another wonderful thing to know is that by shopping this site, proceeds for various pieces go directly to helping those who strive to keep marine life and locations alive and well. For example, if purchasing the White Tail pendant, your money goes to the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals. If the Sea Turtle pendant is your choice, you immediately support Turtle Island Restoration Network. So not only do you receive the perfect piece, but you can also be proud of helping various groups restore our oceans, and preserve rivers and streams.

This company makes it easy to see why when you go coastal, you definitely get hooked!

To learn more, head to www.gonecoastaljewelry.com and start your own beautiful marine collection today.



Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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