Religion is Key in Philip Kerr’s FBI Thriller, Prayer

Religion is Key in Philip Kerr’s FBI Thriller, Prayer

~book review by Amy Lignor

FBI agent, Gil Martins, is originally from Scotland. A troubled man with many quirks, he is an ex-Catholic who now lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Ruth.


TomPrayerGil is an atheist who believes that God may very well be real, but skepticism is certainly a part of his daily life. Although Gil is a great agent, he’s extremely bad at marriage, and seems to have lost his faith completely. But when he has to deal with more than a few investigations involving some very vocal atheists who are dying by the hand of a serial killer, Gil finds his faith, beliefs, and the very core of his soul being tested to the maximum.

A frightening case involving people who are being killed in most unusual ways is brought to his attention by an old friend who is a priest. Being good at his job, Gil embarks on his work to solve the crimes and meets up with a reporter working undercover; a person who is convinced that ‘prayer’ is what is actually responsible for killing these people.


Telling her theory to Gil, the reporter then throws herself off a balcony to convince him that she is telling the truth. Completely confused and more than a little bit shocked, Gil follows her leads and begins to regret his words, wondering if he may have been too quick to announce his ‘non-believer’ status. After all, by doing so he has placed his own body and soul directly in the path of a brutal killer.


The Old Testament God looking for revenge makes for an interesting read; the culprit at the very core of these killings could just end up to be a believer in, “an eye for an eye.” So whether atheist or firm believer, this tale is a real page turner that may just have everyone rethinking the monumental power that faith can provide or…take away in the blink of an eye.

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