Teaming Up to Give Bingo More Birthdays

by Denise Carey-Costa

Bingo was his name. That’s all anyone knew about the four-year-old ginger colored boy when he, like so many other pit bulls, was about to be relinquished to a high kill shelter in Tampa, Florida.

Why was he being relinquished? He was born a pit bull, and his owner’s landlord demanded that she get rid of him, however, Bingo did nothing to deserve this banishment. No acts of aggression were ever committed by this sweet boy. He was being punished and discriminated against based on both his appearance and breed.

Because of his breed and so many like him, Bingo would not have lasted long at the county shelter. His chances of making it out alive and into a safe, caring environment would have been slim to none, but luck was on his side when his owner stopped off at a retail store before taking him to the shelter. There, they met up with Anastasia Devaris, who is a staunch advocate and rescuer of many pit bulls. She heard the woman’s story and saw the pleading in Bingo’s eyes and made the decision to take Bingo then and there.

There wasn’t time to come up with a plan; he needed saving now. Anastasia placed Bingo in a boarding facility close to her home so she could visit him frequently and reassure him that she had not abandoned him. She also worked very hard through personal contacts and social media to find Bingo a home. Then, one joyous day, someone offered to take Bingo. Anastasia and Bingo were elated because they were personal friends so Anastasia knew her boy would be in good hands.

The only catch was, his new family could not take him right away as they were in the midst of moving. Bingo continued to wait patiently in boarding for the day he would finally go to a real home. But the weeks turned into months, and Bingo’s dream of a new home quickly dissolved when the family had to back out unexpectedly.

Bingo stayed in boarding, and Anastasia continued to pay the bill. Almost a year went by when Anastasia started to notice lumps on his side during one of her visits. She took him to her vet who gave the heartbreaking news; dear Bingo was suffering from Lymphoma – cancer. Anastasia was devastated. She had such hopes for him when she saved him from death row almost a year ago. Now, he was facing a new threat to his life.

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