TRAVEL THE United States of America & cross your fingers

TRAVEL THE United States of America & cross your fingers


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!

Well, I just spent a week flying around our country for work. Seven states in 4 days, including the state of confusion. Whenever I travel that much I really feel it helps me get back to our countries Routes, that’s R-o-u-t-e-s. It helps me appreciate all that we have to offer. That’s why when I talk to someone who says “I’m leaving for vacation to France, Italy, Germany.” I have to ask them “Have you been around the US before? a lot say NO, this leaves me dumbfounded. I mean, the Untied States of America has so many different types of terrain, people, places, you just can’t beat it. If you are searching for a made in American sticker, I recommend traveling the US. Plus, you get a history lesson. Unless you’re on your phone the whole time, taking selfies.

I know this sounds like a travel ad, but it’s not.

So here’s the deal, one of my shows for the week was in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Just in case you don’t know; that’s on the Bible Belt of America. And just so we’re clear, my 2 hour trip from Charleston to Myrtle Beach proved to me that they shouldn’t call it the Bible Belt. Maybe they should call it the bible girdle of America, it’s huge. In that 2 1/2 hours drive I saw a church ever quarter mile down that road, and ever 2 miles, a hospital. That is in case you didn’t get what you prayed for. Finally, a fast food Joint every 3 miles, that is for the young folks who think they’re immortal.

The US is a whole lot more beautiful than folks are giving it credit for these days. Oh and just for fun, every time you cross a bridge, cross your fingers, it can’t hurt.

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